Connecting a Community: Barbour County 911

Last fall, Micrologic completed a radio upgrade project with Barbour County 911 that will better connect people who need it most—first responders. This project brought safety, security, and best of all, reliability to the Barbour County 911 Center staff and the Barbour County community. Micrologic partnered with Dylan Harper, Barbour County 911 Center’s director to […]

Top 3 Home Burglary Tips for the Holidays

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” more than a beautifully lit Christmas tree, presents tucked beneath it while packages arrive daily at your doorstep and housing gifts for your loved ones to enjoy. At a time of the year known for family, togetherness, and generosity—don’t let yourself fall victim to home theft. It is estimated that more […]

Why You Need to Make the Switch: Monitored Smoke Alarms

  Did you know that an estimated 890 lives could be saved yearly if all homes had working smoke alarms? One small change can mean the difference between life and death. We’re here to help with a quick and simple fix. By replacing outdated and traditional smoke detectors with a monitored smoke alarm system that […]

Top 3 Benefits of Security Gates for Businesses

Business owners—especially small business owners—take extreme pride in what they’ve built as an establishment. Many have invested large amounts of money, time, labor, and most importantly love into their business and work diligently to maintain and manage that. Unfortunately, vandalism and theft are becoming a major concern to business owners. That’s why taking precautions through […]

Three Ways to Protect Your Rural Home

Living in a rural area can offer many advantages to residents like property space, solitude, and a strong sense of local community. However, the distance between neighbors and where one might go to work or to shop can be quite a drive from home for some. This can create concern and frustration should someone try […]

How the Affordable Connectivity Program is Helping Micrologic Customers

Did you know that Micrologic is a participating company in the Universal Service Administrative Company’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)? This program was designed with the initiative to help low-income households pay for broadband service and internet-connected devices. The ACP replaced the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that was introduced in February 2021 […]

Securing Valley Health Care, Inc.

Micrologic recently finished a project at Valley Health Care, Inc.’s Randolph County, Elkins location that will enhance security for both patients and employees. The healthcare facility reached out to Micrologic to install door access systems to keep patients out of restricted areas for safety concerns. The Micrologic crew, which consisted of Todd Moats, T.C. Howell, […]

What to Expect in a Stormy Situation

Winter weather is here to stay—at least for a while. Along with the typical snowy skiff, we often face high winds, freezing temperatures, and whiteouts here in north-central WV. All of these types of weather can also leave us in the dark without internet or phone service on occasion. The Micrologic team shares some info […]

How Much Bandwidth Is Enough?

One of the many questions Micrologic receives from current and potential internet service customers is, “How much bandwidth is enough for me and my family?” The answer is it depends on how you plan to use your internet. Consider these questions: Do you work from home? Do you need fast internet to accommodate multiple people […]

History of Security Systems at Micrologic

For several years now, Micrologic has been offering solid internet connection, reliable phone service, and quality safety features to residents and business owners of the Mountain State. The company first began in 1994—internet came later when the digital world erupted. Since then, Micrologic has enhanced its security features for both residential and commercial customers.  We […]