COVID-19 Update

We know how important reliable service is to you, now more than ever. We are taking a number of steps to ensure you remain connected to your Micrologic services, amid the growing concern about Coronavirus. Here is what we're doing about network reliability, customer and employee safety, and how best to request or reschedule an appointment.
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Micrologic: Linking Rural Communities

Recently Micrologic installed a 100 MBP fiber connection link to the Chestnut Ridge Community Epicenter located in a poor area for high-speed internet out in Barbour County. This new installation will now bring a whole slew of opportunities for the community center with several projects dedicated to the community’s youth. Micrologic was proposed with the […]

Improve Your Internet Speeds and Slow Your Frustration with These 3 Tips

Slow internet can be a drag. Whether you’re a college student trying to submit an assignment, a business owner accessing employee hours or just someone browsing the web for a new recipe, slow internet speed can be frustrating and cause unexpected delays for deadlines (or dinners). With Micrologic’s 3W Highspeed internet connection, both residential and […]