Connecting a Community: Barbour County 911

Last fall, Micrologic completed a radio upgrade project with Barbour County 911 that will better connect people who need it most—first responders. This project brought safety, security, and best of all, reliability to the Barbour County 911 Center staff and the Barbour County community.

Micrologic partnered with Dylan Harper, Barbour County 911 Center’s director to make this project a reality. Throughout the installation, the Micrologic team worked closely with the 911 Center staff to make this project happen within their budget and time constraints.

We chatted with Dylan Harper, director of the Barbour County 911 Center, to find out how this radio upgrade affected the 911 Center and the Barbour County community as a whole.


What was your main reason for contacting Micrologic for this project?

My main reason for contacting Micrologic was to complete some necessary upgrades to our radio connection from the 911 Center to our tower site. Our radio consoles were at the end of their life and were no longer going to be supported so getting the Micrologic team to upgrade our connection to something that is internet-based was the most logical option for us.

How did you hear about Micrologic?

When I took over as Director, they were our public internet vendor. We had already established a good relationship and were familiar with them and their services, so for us, it was a no-brainer to continue to use them for other projects.

What services did Micrologic provide you with?

The Micrologic team completed a direct-connect radio upgrade for us. We needed a radio connection from here to our tower site and they were able to make those upgrades quickly and within our budget. They also provide us with internet services for our public wifi and private network.

Why did you need these services and what were your goals for this project?

Our radio consoles were at their end of life which meant they were no longer supported and the company discontinued making parts to fix any issues that could arise. That meant we needed to upgrade our connection. The internet-based solution that Micrologic offered was the most logical option for us.

Our goals included meeting our deadline and upgrading before fall ‘22 and not going over budget. We did face some shipping constraints but as soon as the equipment came in, the Micrologic guys were here at the 911 Center and at the tower site getting it up as quickly as they could.

How will this service benefit Barbour County?

With this connection of the direct-connect consoles, it will allow more radio resources to be available. We will now be more interoperable with other agencies in our community and surrounding areas, and this will help with our response time and services we offer to our community members.

Do you plan to do any more work with Micrologic?

We don’t have anything planned quite yet, but we are definitely open to future projects with the Micrologic team.

Would you recommend Micrologic to other small businesses? Why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Micrologic to other businesses for the sheer fact they are great to work with and easy to get a hold of. Their entire team made the project easy, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit or call 866-3WLOGIC.