Why You Need to Make the Switch: Monitored Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarm


Did you know that an estimated 890 lives could be saved yearly if all homes had working smoke alarms? One small change can mean the difference between life and death. We’re here to help with a quick and simple fix. By replacing outdated and traditional smoke detectors with a monitored smoke alarm system that can sync with your home security system your family and your home may be protected during a house fire.

According to the American Red Cross having a working smoke alarm reduces one’s chances of dying in a fire by nearly half. However, being picky about what smoke alarm system you use could mean all the difference.

Regular battery-run smoke detectors can be monitored, but these are not the safest option to use.

Having a monitored smoke alarm system installed that connects to your home security system enables your home security team to pinpoint the exact location of the smoke and/or fire in your home—in turn, this immediately informs emergency services of the precise origination of smoke and fire before the fire department is dispatched to your home. With this information in hand, the monitored smoke detector prepares the fire department in its efforts to save your precious home and loved one’s belongings.

Without a doubt, a monitored smoke alarm outperforms the traditional smoke alarm. The intelligence and connectivity of the monitored system surpass its outdated and traditional counterpart.

So, is now the time to make the switch?

Consider these questions to gauge how safe your home is when it comes to fire safety:

  • Are your current smoke detectors monitored? (You can call the alarm company to find out!)
  • Next, consider the age of your smoke detectors—are they older than 5 years old? Alarms wear out and traditional detector batteries need to be checked monthly.
  • Lastly, determine how important fire safety is to you—we suggest you don’t wait to upgrade to monitored smoke alarms.

You can always trust monitored home security equipment from Micrologic, coupled with dependable alarm monitoring, for the best home protection available.