Micrologic FAQs Answered for You

With Micrologic, you can get top-notch phone, internet and security services all from one reliable provider. Micrologic serves both commercial and residential customers with quality, customizable features and installations, including high-quality connectivity, minimal service interruptions, speedy connections, and most importantly reliable customer services.

If you’re new to Micrologic, here are some details on what packages we offer, installation fees and more.

Q- When is my first bill due?
A- Your bill will be due one month from installation. Payment will then be due 20 days later.

Q- How do I pay my bill online?
A- With Micrologic’s customer portal, you can easily and safely pay your bill without the hassle of leaving home. To get to the portal, simply visit Micrologic’s website at www.micrologicwv.com. At the top right corner of the website, you will see an icon for ‘Customer Portal’. Clicking on that icon will take you to a new page where you will need to click ‘Login’. This is when you will enter your email address for your ‘Login Id’. You’ll see a box to the right that gives you the option to request a new password; click on the link provided then a new link will be sent to your email for you to create a password to the portal. However, if you have multiple email addresses associated with the account, you will need to call Micrologic’s office to set up the portal and indicate which email address you’d like to use. The customer portal allows customers to pay a bill, see billing history, and any invoices that have been generated to the account.

Q- What happens if I need to move my service to a new address?
A- Customers can take their indoor equipment with them, however, will still need to call and schedule an appointment to have any outdoor equipment installed.

Q- How do I report an outage?
A- To report an outage, please call the office at (304) 472-4596 or let us know on our Facebook page.

Q- Do you offer service bundles?
A- We offer service bundles for residential and businesses. Customers have the option to bundle phone, internet and security.

Residential customers can bundle internet and security features for just $59.95 and add a phone line for an additional $20 a month. Commercial customers can package internet and a security system for $69.95. Add a digital phone to the package for just $30 a month.

Q- Is Micrologic cable or satellite?
A- Micrologic is a wireless internet provider. Customers must be within line of sight of the tower to get service, meaning there can be no objects – such as trees or too much distance.

Q- Is there a contract? If so, how long?
A- There is no contract involved with Micrologic’s services.

Q- What are Micrologic internet speeds?
A- In most locations the speeds are up to 25 megs download and up to 4 megs upload. Some locations can get up to 50 download and up to 10 upload. However, it all depends on where you are located near the tower.

Q- Will I need a router/modem?
A- We do install a router in your house as well as a radio on the exterior.

Q- Does someone have to come to my house to install the internet?
A- Yes, we do enter your home to perform the installation. Micrologic prides itself on offering quality services for residents and businesses throughout the community.

For more information on packages, set up and service availability, call (304) 472-4596 or visit www.micrologicwv.com.