History of Security Systems at Micrologic

For several years now, Micrologic has been offering solid internet connection, reliable phone service, and quality safety features to residents and business owners of the Mountain State.

The company first began in 1994—internet came later when the digital world erupted. Since then, Micrologic has enhanced its security features for both residential and commercial customers. 

We sat down with Joe Karp, Micrologic’s Sales Engineer to discuss the history of the company’s security services and how it has expanded over the years.

Question: When did Micrologic first begin to offer security systems for customers?

Joe Karp: We started offering security in 1994 and our first customers were the local Wendy’s restaurants.

Q: Can you give us a timeline of security at Micrologic? What would that look like chronologically?

JK: At that time, Wendy’s had a security system with a landline call-out. It’s evolved a lot since then, as we have gone into the modern world. Now a customer can get a cellular or Wi-Fi communicator for call-out. Those things weren’t really possible back in the 1990s. Now we have the opportunity to do things like include a video doorbell and other security add-ons that customers want to see.

Q: Why are security systems important?

JK: It really comes down to the homeowner or business owner wanting to protect their property. People want to feel that their homes and businesses will be safe when they’re not there, so our security systems allow them that security and peace of mind. 

Q: What have been some of your favorite security installs?

JK: I remember several security installs well, but one time that sticks out to me the most is when we installed cameras at a local coal mine. They contacted us because they had someone breaking into their pump houses and stealing all of the copper wiring and motors. The pump houses were used to keep the water out of the mines, and these pumps kept shutting down. They later found out why they kept shutting down—because someone had busted down the door and had stolen the motors and copper wires. The coal mine contacted us and said, “How can we catch this guy?” Our team went out and put an NVR in an air-conditioned box on a telephone pole 25-feet in the air and ran lines from there to a camera inside the pump house pointing at the motor. When the robber broke in again he saw the camera and he looked right at it. He then busted the camera but the only problem was the video had already been recorded in the box on the pole that he couldn’t get to and didn’t know about. The coal company took his picture and put it all over the place—all the news outlets. Eventually, his ex-wife ended up turning him in. That’s a story that always sticks out to me because we were able to bring the guy to justice. 

Another time that sticks out happened in like 1994 or 1995 when someone was breaking into a local laundromat’s pop machines and car washes and was stealing all of the quarters. So, we put cameras in these places and we even installed a mini camera inside the pop machine so we could get a good look at the guy’s face, which helped catch the guy. 

Another story I recall happened at a local school district, funds from concessions were coming up missing. The school district called us to install ‘smoke detectors. So we put in a smoke detector that had a camera in it and it only took a day or two to catch someone taking 20 dollar bills and putting the money in their pocket. That person lost their job and spent some time at the courthouse. 

Q: What are some of the features that Micrologic security offers?

JK: Some of the features we offer now are on a monitored system. Monitored systems are useful because, if someone breaks into your home, the door or window contact of motion detector sends a signal to a 24-hour monitoring center that then calls the homeowners and the police. If it’s an accidental trip, you have to give a passcode that only you would know to the call center employee who will cancel the call to the police. Some of the other features we include are loud sirens, strobing lights, and camera set ups. It’s come a long way and homeowners can now add a slew of other features, like smoke and CO2 detectors to their security systems to keep themselves safe when they’re both at home and away.

Over the years, Micrologic has elevated their services in all things phone, internet and security. The company keeps up with state-of-the-art technology so they continue to offer the best to customers.

For more information on Micrologic’s security systems, visit www.micrologicwv.com or call 304-472-4596.