How Much Bandwidth Is Enough?

One of the many questions Micrologic receives from current and potential internet service customers is, “How much bandwidth is enough for me and my family?”

The answer is it depends on how you plan to use your internet.

Consider these questions:

Do you work from home?
Do you need fast internet to accommodate multiple people or multiple devices?
Do you stream videos often?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll probably want to have an internet speed that is roughly 5 megabytes per seconds or more.

On the other hand, if you primarily use the internet for checking Facebook, emailing friends, or other daily internet use, then 2-3 megabytes per second will get the job done.

With all that said, it’s important to understand that other factors can impact internet speed, like how many users and devices are on your network in a given day.

Throughput and latency (sometimes referred as ping) can also affect speed as well.

Throughput is the measurement of data rate between network devices within your home or small business network, also referred to as your LAN (Local Area Network). This is different from internet bandwidth, or WAN (Wide Area Network) connection speed.

Latency, measured in milliseconds, is the time it takes for a small data set to be transmitted from your device to a server on the internet and back to your device again.

Micrologic offers most serviceable locations with speeds up to 25 megs download and up to 4 megs upload. Some locations can get up to 50 download and up to 10 upload. However, it all depends on where you are located near the tower.

For residential customers, prices start at just $39.95 per month. Commercial customers can expect a starting rate of $49.95 per month. Bundle deals are also available to residential and commercial customers so you have the possibility of bundling internet, phone, and security services.

Micrologic representatives work tirelessly to offer customers quality internet, phone, and security features along with excellent customer service. For more information on internet speeds or any of Micrologic’s services, please contact us at 866.3WLOGIC.