Why Stonewall Resort Went With the Top Security Providers

Recently, the Micrologic crew installed 104 updated security cameras to Stonewall Resort, a popular vacation attraction located in Roanoke, West Virginia. The installation of these new cameras will enhance security and safety to the 2,000-acre resort that receives approximately 160,000 visitors each year. We chatted with Andre D’Amour, Stonewall Resort’s General Manager, to find out […]

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Connection to Tucker County 911

Recently, Micrologic installed a 120-foot tall freestanding tower that will connect Tucker County’s 911 Center with the people who need their guidance most—first responders. This new installation will bring safety, security, and best of all, reliability to the Tucker County community. Micrologic was proposed with the project by Beverly Cantrell, Tucker County 911 Center’s director. […]

Micrologic Opens the Portal to Great Customer Experience

More and more residential and commercial customers are hopping on board for Micrologic’s savings, quality connection and top-notch customer service. And as the company continues to grow, Micrologic is dedicated to offering high-speed internet, trusted security features and phone connections all year long. Our goal is to make being a Micrologic customer easy, which is […]

Micrologic: Linking Rural Communities

Recently Micrologic installed a 100 MBP fiber connection link to the Chestnut Ridge Community Epicenter located in a poor area for high-speed internet out in Barbour County. This new installation will now bring a whole slew of opportunities for the community center with several projects dedicated to the community’s youth. Micrologic was proposed with the […]

How Line of Sight Works

Line of Sight is important when it comes to providing customers with quality, high-speed internet connection. Customers in a good Line of Sight area can expect quicker installation, high reliability, low latency, and potentially lower cost rates. Though Micrologic offers its customers 3WLogic Highspeed Internet, an ultra-reliable network that provides a speedy connection, service does […]

Staying Safe is Important Business

Feeling secure should be a business owner’s top priority. Without a security system, you’re putting your business, products/inventory and employees at potential risks of intruders and thieves. With Micrologic’s top-notch security features, you can feel safe locking up at quittin’ time. Micrologic will work directly with you to tailor a security system designed for specific […]

Micrologic FAQs Answered for You

With Micrologic, you can get top-notch phone, internet and security services all from one reliable provider. Micrologic serves both commercial and residential customers with quality, customizable features and installations, including high-quality connectivity, minimal service interruptions, speedy connections, and most importantly reliable customer services. If you’re new to Micrologic, here are some details on what packages […]

Protect Your Home, Business, and Peace of Mind

Along with top-notch internet and phone service, Micrologic offers the best security for both home and business customers. Micrologic’s security systems ensure quality, 24-hour monitoring, so customers can have peace of mind and feel protected when they leave their home or business. Below are frequently asked questions regarding Micrologic’s home/business services. What installations and services […]

Micrologic’s Highspeed Internet – You Asked, We Answered

For years, Micrologic has been serving residential and commercial customers from West Virginia and surrounding states with top-notch solutions and services. Among these services exist Micrologic’s 3WLogic Highspeed Internet, an ultrareliable network that provides a speedy connection, online data backup, and wireless internet that the whole family, or business, will love. With free technical support […]

Micrologic’s User-Friendly Customer Portal Makes Bill Pay Easy

With Micrologic’s newest customer portal option, paying your bill just got easier. Micrologic’s customer portal allows customers to efficiently and quickly pay their bills by simply logging in on the Micrologic website. Instead of clicking the link that is sent to your email each month, you now have the option to log into the customer […]