Securing Valley Health Care, Inc.

Micrologic recently finished a project at Valley Health Care, Inc.’s Randolph County, Elkins location that will enhance security for both patients and employees.

The healthcare facility reached out to Micrologic to install door access systems to keep patients out of restricted areas for safety concerns. The Micrologic crew, which consisted of Todd Moats, T.C. Howell, Zack Greene, Chase Schoonover, and Trenton Toms ensured that all exterior entry doors now have automatic locks and card swipe or keypad entry. Now you must be authorized to enter through any door other than the main patient entrance.

We chatted with Candice Judy, Valley Health Care, Inc.’s Director of Pharmacy Services, to find out why this project was necessary and what it was like working with the Micrologic team.

Why was the project needed at the healthcare facilities?

Since the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we decided we needed to have restricted areas. Acute care needed to be separate from chronic care.

We were also looking at better ways to manage our employees and keep patients from entering restricted areas. Overall safety for our employees and patients were the two main reasons for this project.

What were your goals with adding these security features to your locations?

Our main goals in working with Micrologic on this project were really to increase the safety of employees, and enhance customer service and response time while using a cost-saving system.

Now we have a functional security system that enhances the safety of everyone in the buildings and the Micrologic app has been helpful for employees who are on-call.

Why did you choose Micrologic?

I personally have Micrologic security at my home and haven’t had any troubles.

We looked at working with ADT and another West Virginia-based security company, however, their price points and customer service couldn’t compare to Micrologic.

Are there any upcoming projects you would consider working with Micrologic on again?

We’re looking at installing security video surveillance in the facilities, and we would like to have the same system installed at the Mill Creek location that we have at our Elkins location.

Would you recommend Micrologic?

Yes, definitely for both residential and businesses.

For years, Micrologic has been dedicated to the Mountain State by offering residential and commercial customers reliable security systems, phone features, and high-speed internet at an affordable price and top-notch customer service.

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