Top 3 Home Burglary Tips for the Holidays


Nothing says “Happy Holidays” more than a beautifully lit Christmas tree, presents tucked beneath it while packages arrive daily at your doorstep and housing gifts for your loved ones to enjoy. At a time of the year known for family, togetherness, and generosity—don’t let yourself fall victim to home theft. It is estimated that more than 400,000 burglaries occur during the months of November and December throughout the United States, but there is good news, there are ways to prevent and protect yourself from burglaries at home.

Consider these tips to protect yourself from burglars and to keep your holiday season merry and bright:

1. Track your packages carefully.

Arrange for packages to be delivered when someone is at home or your trusted neighbor can receive them. Burglars look for unattended packages near mailboxes, doorways, and on front porches.

2. Store gifts in a safe place and out of sight.

Do not leave them on display for those outside your home to see. While it may make a pretty picture, burglars target homes where their potential bounty is obvious. Keep the blinds shut and store your presents in a safe place during the holidays.

3. Invest in a Monitored Home Security System.

Have peace of mind and discourage thieves from the start. By monitoring your home security you are deterring burglars in the first place. These advanced technological systems ensure your home is safe and secure, whether you’re there or not during the busy holiday season.

Micrologic can help ensure a worry-free holiday when home thefts are at their peak by installing a 24-hour monitored system with live video services available, compatible with your cell phone or other mobile devices.

Customized to your home’s specific needs and offering a variety of options, Micrologic works with each homeowner and its team of professionals to develop a specialized security system designed to keep your home and family safe year-round.