Calling Features

You make the call.

Need to know who’s calling before you answer the phone? Maybe you would like to receive all of your voice mail messages by email? Whatever you need, Micrologic provides a wide range of custom calling features designed to help make you life easier.


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Caller ID

See who’s calling before you answer your phone. Caller ID displays the caller’s name and number before you pick up the phone. Requires a display-compatible telephone.


Answers and records a message for all incoming calls when you’re not available. Play back your messages from any phone. You can also manage your voice mail online and through email, anytime.

Call Waiting

Get notified of an incoming call and switch between calls. Call Waiting notifies you of a second call by a special beep. You can switch between the first and second calls by pressing the Flash button on your telephone. The second caller will hear a ringing tone rather than a busy signal.

Call Forwarding

With Call Forwarding you can transfer your calls to any other number.

Number Porting

You may wish to port your existing telephone number to your new Micrologic Digital Phone Account.

Three-Way Calling

This feature allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation.

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