Micrologic’s Highspeed Internet – You Asked, We Answered

For years, Micrologic has been serving residential and commercial customers from West Virginia and surrounding states with top-notch solutions and services. Among these services exist Micrologic’s 3WLogic Highspeed Internet, an ultrareliable network that provides a speedy connection, online data backup, and wireless internet that the whole family, or business, will love. With free technical support and customizable features, Micrologic will ensure you stay connected.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for those considering Micrologic to be their new home or business internet provider.

What areas does Micrologic serve?
Micrologic currently serves customers in North Central West Virginia. The area includes, but is not limited to, Barbour, Braxton, Harrison, Lewis, Randolph, Tucker, and Upshur Counties.

Can I get service in my area?
You can simply check to see if your location is covered by Micrologic by visiting https://www.micrologicwv.com/availability/. From there, you will just enter your physical location’s address, along with zip code and the website will indicate if your area is serviceable.

If your location is able to receive service, the My Availability page will then prompt you to schedule a consultation.

It’s important to note that Micrologic’s service area does depend on ‘line of sight’.  Line of Sight internet provides an over-the-air internet connection to buildings that have a clear line of sight to a dedicated mast — meaning no underground cables, quicker installation times, and lower latency.

Is there a limit to the data offered through Micrologic?
With Micrologic’s 3WLogic, there is no limit on data, meaning you can surf the internet all month long and be certain no extra charges show up on your bill.

What internet speeds are available?
With most serviceable locations, the speeds are up to 25 megs download and up to 4 megs upload. Some locations can get up to 50 megs download and up to 10 megs upload. A Micrologic tech would have to be on-site to indicate what exact speeds could be offered at your location.

Will I need to sign a contract to receive internet from Micrologic?
Another amazing perk to being a customer with Micrologic is there are no contracts holding you back!

What is the starting price for internet?
For residential customers, prices start at just $39.95 per month, plus applicable taxes and fees. Commercial customers can expect a starting rate of $49.95 per month, plus applicable taxes and fees.

Does Micrologic offer bundle deals?
Absolutely! For residential customers, you can customize your needs by combining high-speed internet with our quality home security system for just $64.90 per month, plus applicable taxes and fees. The security system includes 24/7 professional monitoring and a touch screen control panel. Add our digital phone system to any package for just $20 per month, plus applicable taxes and fees.

Commercial customers can have high-speed internet service and our business security system for just $74.90 plus applicable taxes and fees. Our business security system includes video surveillance and remote access.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Micrologic!