Micrologic Opens the Portal to Great Customer Experience

More and more residential and commercial customers are hopping on board for Micrologic’s savings, quality connection and top-notch customer service. And as the company continues to grow, Micrologic is dedicated to offering high-speed internet, trusted security features and phone connections all year long.
Our goal is to make being a Micrologic customer easy, which is why we recently added a user-friendly customer portal to our website. This portal allows folks to check balances, pay bills and more.

To get to the portal, simply visit Micrologic’s website at www.micrologicwv.com. At the top of the site, you will see a button for ‘Customer Portal’. Clicking on that will take you to a new page where you will need to click ‘Login’. This is when you will enter your email address for your ‘Login Id’. You’ll see a box to the right that says forgot password; click on the link provided then a new link will be sent to your email for you to create a password to the portal. However, if you have multiple email addresses associated with the account, you will need to call Micrologic’s office to set up the portal and indicate which email address you’d like to use.

If you’re new to Micrologic, here are four benefits of using the customer portal.

1. You can pay your bill with just a few clicks.
By simply logging in to the Micrologic website, you can have your bill paid in a matter of minutes. Just login to the customer portal, and click the box ‘pay bill’.

2. You can see previous invoices.
The customer portal allows you to review past payments and balances. However, billing history will only go back to May 20, 2020 when the portal system was first activated.

3. You can save multiple cards to your account.
The portal allows you to add a credit card or bank account, which can then be set up to automatically draw from those accounts each month to meet bill payments. Or, one-time payments can also be done. You also have the option of adding multiple cards to the account to make future payments easier.

 4. You can set up payments to be automatically withdrawn from your account.
If you’re a forgetful person, this feature is for you. Simply set up your payments to be withdrawn from your account. Payments will then be deducted automatically on the same day each month. This way, you’ll always know your bill is paid before the deadline.

We want our customers to feel secure in having Micrologic as a service provider. That’s why the Micrologic team continues to make business simple and transparent.

For more information or to set up your customer portal, visit www.micrologicwv.com or call the office at (304) 472-4596.