Why Stonewall Resort Went With the Top Security Providers

Recently, the Micrologic crew installed 104 updated security cameras to Stonewall Resort, a popular vacation attraction located in Roanoke, West Virginia. The installation of these new cameras will enhance security and safety to the 2,000-acre resort that receives approximately 160,000 visitors each year.

We chatted with Andre D’Amour, Stonewall Resort’s General Manager, to find out why the security cameras were much-needed on the park’s property and what it was like working with the Micrologic team.

Micrologic: What was your main reason for contacting Micrologic?

Andre D’Amour: The main obvious reason was to add safety and security to the park. With approximately 160,000 visitors each year, we wanted to make sure that it was a safe environment for all the guests who come on the property 

It’s also going to help staff and the security team manage more efficiently by being able to see what areas need extra staff or security.  

“In the resort industry, we typically have a large area to manage and the camera system can assist in the efficiency of the team,” said D’Amour.

The additional cameras will also help our security team at night to watch the property. It will better help them supervise the entire property without having to drive to certain areas of the park which is over 200,000 acres.

M: When did you contact Micrologic and when is the completion date of the project?

AD: I contacted them early this year, and so far all of the cameras have been up and running. We still have a few that need network switches and that should be completed in a couple weeks.

M: What was it like working with the Micrologic team?

AD: It’s been great. I really got to know the team and their business philosophy. Their customer service has been great and I appreciated their follow-through after they completed a project to make sure client expectations are met. 

M: Do you have plans to work with them in the future?

AD: We’re already in talks about Micrologic being our internet provider for the park, and we’re also discussing installing additional security gates to the property that provide extra security for visitors and employees. 

M: Would you recommend Micrologic to others? Why or why not?

AD: Yes, I would recommend them because they provided a great quality product and their customer service exceeded expectations with professionalism, communication, and at the end of the day, they didn’t just become our vendor they became our business partner to partner with on future success.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit micrologicwv.com or call 866-3WLOGIC.