Staying Safe is Important Business

Feeling secure should be a business owner’s top priority. Without a security system, you’re putting your business, products/inventory and employees at potential risks of intruders and thieves.

With Micrologic’s top-notch security features, you can feel safe locking up at quittin’ time. Micrologic will work directly with you to tailor a security system designed for specific needs and requirements. From 24-hour surveillance to remote access, Micrologic can help you find the most suitable security system for your business.

Here are some quick facts you need to know about Micrologic security installations.

Why is a security system a good idea for business owners?
A security system would benefit any business owner because they would have valuables inside. After hours when it’s closed and there’s no one there, the security system would be set and if triggered, that system would immediately call the police. The owner, his wife or whoever else on the call list would also be contacted immediately when that is tripped.

What else can a security system do for my business if broken into?
Indoor and outdoor sirens, strobes, whatever that business owner would like could be installed which would definitely get the attention of a lot of people around that building if that security system was tripped.

Will a security system be active at all times?
If someone intrudes in the middle of the night while you’re not there, you want the police called. You want to be notified of that immediately and the video surveillance would actually record everything that was going on 24 hours a day. If someone broke in and for some reason decided it is a bad idea because the alarm is going off and decides to get out of there, you still have video coverage of that person coming and going.

Business owners can have peace of mind where their business is concerned for less than $1 a day with one (or more) of Micrologic’s specialized security features. These include: remote access, fire and smoke, video surveillance, 24-7 monitoring, usage reporting and more.

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