Micrologic: Linking Rural Communities

Recently Micrologic installed a 100 MBP fiber connection link to the Chestnut Ridge Community Epicenter located in a poor area for high-speed internet out in Barbour County. This new installation will now bring a whole slew of opportunities for the community center with several projects dedicated to the community’s youth. Micrologic was proposed with the project by New Vision Renewable Energy, an organization built to help youth, re-energize the community and create solar energy sources.

Throughout the installation project, Micrologic was able to run a fiber connection to all the buildings on the property and installed fiber optic switches that will allow folks utilizing the building to surf wirelessly throughout the complex.

We chatted with Ruston Seaman, director of New Vision Renewable Energy and Senior Pastor at People’s Chapel Church, to find out how this new fiber connection will enhance the organization’s future projects.


What is Chestnut Ridge Community Epicenter’s mission?
We really believe in the importance of physical and mental health, and so being able to offer the kids of the community a safe place to learn and play and be social is our top priority. As West Virginians, we know how the drug epidemic has affected our communities, friends, and families, and so our hope is to be able to offer a safe place, so kids and their families have a healthy environment to grow up and thrive in. The community center has several different areas that can appeal to kids’ different interests like we have an art space and a vocational development space and others that will help with intellectual growth.

Why was this internet connection needed for the community Epicenter?
We needed to be able to have high-speed internet for the education center that is in an area that we didn’t think offered quality internet. Luckily, Micrologic was able to get a hit on one of the towers and supplied us with 100 MG of bandwidth. The fiber optic switches that were also installed will be useful when any of our activities or events need to be remote.

What plans do you have for the community Epicenter now that you have high-speed internet?
This new internet connection now opens up a bunch of opportunities. We will now be able to offer telehealth services to our community, which is exciting since so many organizations and community members are leaning on virtual interactions. We are also looking to launch an E-Sport league. High-speed internet was essential for this project because with E-Sports you are competing against gamers from all over the world — so quality internet service is a must. Also, broadband now allows us to have instructors from all over the world and helps bring instruction right into our neighborhoods, which is powerful. This is incredible news for our community’s youth because they are going to be able to learn so much from people all over the world.

What was the process like working with Micrologic?
We were able to come to an agreement with where we could place poles, and we had to work with a couple of the landowners. But eventually, it all worked out. The Micrologic crew worked on installing everything for about a week. That included hooking up the network and putting the backhaul up, too. Joe Karp and the rest of the Micrologic team were very helpful throughout this entire project.

How has the service been so far and how have you liked working with Micrologic?
The service has worked incredibly well and has maintained its quality from the start. Looking ahead, we hope to continue a partnership with Micrologic because we truly appreciate all their services and the affordability that is offered to customers.