Bridging the Gap: Bringing Connection to Tucker County 911

Recently, Micrologic installed a 120-foot tall freestanding tower that will connect Tucker County’s 911 Center with the people who need their guidance most—first responders. This new installation will bring safety, security, and best of all, reliability to the Tucker County community. Micrologic was proposed with the project by Beverly Cantrell, Tucker County 911 Center’s director.

Throughout the installation and project, Micrologic worked seamlessly with the 911 Center, the Tucker County Commission, and the City of Parsons to make this project happen.

We chatted with Beverly Cantrell, director of the Tucker County 911 Center, to find out how this new tower will affect the 911 Center and the Tucker County community as a whole.

The new tower will help better serve the folks working at the 911 Center. What was your main reason for contacting Micrologic for this project?

My main reason for having our microwave on Micrologic’s tower is for radio communication purposes. We currently have one line provided by Frontier and we’ve had a lot of trouble with it like squirrels chewing through it or heavy rain interfering with it. We need reliability and we know Micrologic offers that.

How did you hear about Micrologic?

When I was the Deputy Director, Butch stopped by with Derk Burnside. So, when I become Interim Director I contacted Butch and Micrologic for a meeting. We then set up a meeting with him, the Tucker County Commission, and the City of Parsons so we could discuss getting this tower set up.

What service is Micrologic providing you with?

Micrologic is providing the 911 Center our microwave link and hopefully ethernet soon. They will be installing a security system, as well.

Why did you need these services and what are the goals that you hope to achieve with them?

I needed the services because we couldn’t rely on our T1 line for radio communication and that’s how we contact and reach our first responders in the county. I can’t have unreliability. We have to have radio communication that is reliable for our first responders and our community.

Why did you choose Micrologic over other providers?

I did not contact anyone else when it came to this project. I went straight to Micrologic because I knew Butch and his team would be helpful and reliable.

How long will this project last? When is the projected end date?

The freestanding tower is up and it is 120-feet tall. There is a safety fence around it and the back-up battery hookups are up and running. The tower is also hooked up to the water treatment plant through the City of Parsons. A few weeks ago, Butch brought us the microwave and set everything up at the 911 Center so I am just waiting for the go-ahead from Micrologic so we can get started and get the Motorola team in here to set up our radios.


Do you plan to do any more work in the future with Micrologic after this project?

If I need to do more work, I definitely will go through Micrologic.

Would you recommend Micrologic to other small businesses and why?

Absolutely! I have a contract with Micrologic for security system installation here at the 911 Center and we’re getting a fence around the building that will include a gate.

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