Improve Your Internet Speeds and Slow Your Frustration with These 3 Tips

Slow internet can be a drag. Whether you’re a college student trying to submit an assignment, a business owner accessing employee hours or just someone browsing the web for a new recipe, slow internet speed can be frustrating and cause unexpected delays for deadlines (or dinners). With Micrologic’s 3W Highspeed internet connection, both residential and […]

Cut the Cord with Big Cable

Paying bills is never an enjoyable experience for anyone, and that goes double for the dreaded cable bill. With prices slowly creeping up with each passing year that dull pain in your wallet starts to grow into a full blown headache after you’ve made it out of your introductory phase, trapped in a cable or […]

5 Ways Micrologic Can Help Your Business Bloom This Spring

Spring is in the air and a reminder that this is a great time to help your business bloom! Partner with Micrologic to create a customized communications solution so you and your employees can do more this year.   Here are five ways your business can benefit: Surveillance – While traditional locks and alarm systems […]

Finding Harmony in Your Broadband Speeds

In today’s world we want our internet connections to give us the fastest speed so that we can do the things we love, whether it’s to catch up with friends and family on Facebook or watch the newest episode of the hottest TV show on Netflix. Just as similarly businesses want their internet connections to […]