Cut the Cord with Big Cable

image002Paying bills is never an enjoyable experience for anyone, and that goes double for the dreaded cable bill. With prices slowly creeping up with each passing year that dull pain in your wallet starts to grow into a full blown headache after you’ve made it out of your introductory phase, trapped in a cable or satellite contract. On top of that, you may be familiar with feelings of resentment in big cable’s attempts to restrict its average users by cutting popular channels and requiring you the user to subscribe to additional “premium” packages you had normally in the past. With streaming companies like HBO, Hulu, and Netflix expanding their repertoire for their viewers and stealing the spotlight from daytime cable series with popular shows such as Game of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black, the “cord cutting” phenomena has never been so painless.

The latest numbers collected by the Pew Research Center showing that over 19% of adults age 18-29 have inherited the title of “Cord Cutter”, severing ties with cable and satellite altogether, while another 16% claim to have to be dubbed “Cord Nevers” having never bought into big cable.

So you ‘ve done some thinking and are considering cutting the cord, where do you go once you’ve rid your home of those chains? Micrologic suggests after a healthy amount of celebration you consider letting them show you the ropes of cord cutting like a pro! While the average cable subscriber is estimated to shell out around $85/month, Micrologic can offer you an internet bundle at nearly HALF the cost with a Roku Streaming player for as little as $44/month. The pro’s at Micrologic are prepared to not only set it up for you while you’re busy doing your happy dance but will also train you in-home on how to get the most out of your new Roku Streaming Device!

What are you waiting for? Break up with Cable, and you’ll find yourself saying, “Cable Who?” in no time. Saving money on streaming and internet is now easier than ever with Micrologic!