Improve Your Internet Speeds and Slow Your Frustration with These 3 Tips

Slow internet can be a drag. Whether you’re a college student trying to submit an assignment, a business owner accessing employee hours or just someone browsing the web for a new recipe, slow internet speed can be frustrating and cause unexpected delays for deadlines (or dinners).

With Micrologic’s 3W Highspeed internet connection, both residential and commercial customers will be connected to a reliable network. This means quicker downloads for music and movies, and webpages will load in seconds.

But still, there are certain factors that can play into why your internet is moving so slow.

Here are four ways to improve internet speeds:

1. Location, location, location.
Like many things in life, location is key for internet connection. Older homes and their solid walls tend to be a challenge for strong Wi-Fi connections. Brick walls aren’t much different; while it might upgrade your home’s value, it will also gobble up your signal. Essentially, anything short of plaster and wood in your walls are all working against your connectivity.


With that said – we’re not suggesting moving because of poor internet connection.
Instead of placing your router in the most central part of your home, you should place your router in the part of your home that is the most central for daily activity. By doing so, you will boost your Wi-Fi signal to your mobile devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Another possibility is placing your router at a higher point in your home. This notion will help reduce the likelihood of interference by walls. Some people may choose to put their router in an attic or crawl space (so long as it is easily accessible for maintenance), especially if that space is located above a primary room in the home.

2. Be wary of signal obstructions.
Common household objects, from floors, doors, mirrors, brick walls, cordless phones, microwaves and baby monitors all can potentially interfere with your signal. Neighboring networks can also cause poor connection. However, avoid putting your router and devices into drawers and closets as this can obstruct signal.

3. Update your technology.
As you’d expect, old technology can certainly cause problems for the user. Old or outdated technology will not be able to receive signals as efficiently, so if your router is several years old, it might not be able to consistently deliver a strong signal. Because technology and wireless services are changing consistently, sometimes older devices can’t keep up with the new. It’s recommended you consider a new or updated router every three or four years.

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