Weston Storage Avoiding Crime, Risk and Liability

Weston Storage
located in Weston, West Virginia has been providing rental storage units since 1996. The company has three locations and offers renters storage space ranging in size from 5×10 to 10×40, featuring climate control, electronic gate, boat and RV accommodations and 24-hour self-service.

The owners, like many self-storage operators, found themselves the victims of unit break-ins, vandalism and property damage occurring at night or when the facilities were most vulnerable. These acts were costing the company in many ways: concerned tenants were considering moving out, future tenants were being deterred from renting and property damage.

Fed up, Weston Storage turned to Micrologic for a solution. “Their specific needs resulted in a custom solution to offer their business the best protection possible,” stated Joe Karp, Micrologic Sales Engineer. Camera systems were installed at each of the Weston Storage locations, providing owners the ability to capture in real-time the activities occurring on their property. “They had a lot of damage to these units by renters bringing in big trucks and had no way of telling who was causing this damage. So that was a lot of money out of their pocket that they had to pay for. We went in and installed camera systems at each one of their locations. Now they have video evidence where they can come back on these renters and they can pay for the damage incurred,” Karp continued.

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