Top 5 Qualities for Selecting a Third-Party NOC

A business needs constant server monitoring to keep data networks running properly. Most companies prefer to outsource the care of their data to a third party provider to ensure that problems are taken care of quickly, rather than waiting for them to escalate into bigger issues. Third party Network Operating Centers (NOC) allow a business to have peace of mind over their data and network systems, knowing that they’re being monitored round the clock by qualified technicians. With that in mind, here are the top 5 qualities you should look for in selecting a third party NOC provider:

  1. Scalability – ensure the IT services provided by the third party provider are in-line with your business growth plans. It is best to choose a partner that can service mid-size to full scale enterprise businesses. Also consider flexibility in a provider, ensuring they can adapt to your growing needs.
  2. Responsiveness – knowing that your network is up and running properly, 24/7 is the reason to choose a NOC provider in the first place. Learn their process for troubleshooting problems and ensure they can respond quickly to any issues that may arise with your network.
  3. Quality – you don’t want to enter into an agreement with a vendor only to find out that they have poor customer service and lack the proper technology.
  4. Experience – a good NOC provider will have experienced staff and the resources for properly maintaining and monitoring your data.
  5. Development – a strong NOC partner will have future development and expansion plans. You want to receive the best possible service now and in the future, so partner with a company that plans for growth in the ever changing communications market.

When it comes to your data and network, you can’t afford to take risks. A Network Operating Center will only enhance the operations of your business, so keep these qualities in mind when selecting a third party vendor for your network.