Surveillance Secures US Well Services

Located just up the road in Jane Lew, is U.S. Well Services. U.S. Well Services provides high-pressure, hydraulic fracturing services in unconventional oil and natural gas basins. Originally based out of Houston, Texas, U.S. Well Services offers jobs to dozens of West Virginians and Micrologic has had a close relationship with this company after installing cameras for them in the past.

Recently, U.S. Well Services further required Micrologic’s expertise. The company upgraded their original camera system and entrusted Micrologic to install fourteen new camera systems at all entries and exits of their property.

Joe Karp, one of our Sales Engineers at Micrologic, sat down to explain the project and why you should think about gearing up your business’ security system.


Who do you work with at U.S. Well Services?

Joe: I worked directly with Scott Williams who is the Director of Procurement & Supply Chain on this project.

Tell us a little bit about why they needed the camera system:

Joe: They had an older system in place, which we installed, but they mainly wanted more cameras around the entries and exits in the building. They are dealing with a high turnover rate of employees and noticed tools, materials, and equipment were coming up missing. So, they contacted Micrologic to get control of the internal theft that was occurring by employees.

Why Micrologic?

Joe: Micrologic had installed their old camera system, ran some fiber lines and did some prior networking for them, so it was natural that they would call on our team when they wanted to update their camera system.

What team members worked on this?

Joe: Todd Moats, Joe Karp, and Colton Brand worked on this project.

How long did this take?

Joe: The project took a couple weeks from start to finish.

When was this project completed?

Joe: The project was completed mid-September 2018

Now that they have this camera system, do you believe there will be resolution in this theft issue?

Joe: I think this project will solve their issue. Employees will be able to see the cameras, which is a big deterrent for anyone who is going to attempt to swipe something.

Is Micrologic busy with other camera installations?

Joe: Yes, we have a lot of residential and business camera installation jobs going on right now.

Camera systems are a quick and easy way to protect your business from both internal and external theft. Micrologic is equipped to provide your business with top of the line security features. Contact Micrologic for your free consultation today and get to keep your business safe!