Spotlight: MannCave Distilling

It’s no secret that Micrologic is always up for a challenge, that’s why when contacted by MannCave Distilling for a more difficult job, Micrologic was ready to provide a customized solution. MannCave is an up and coming distillery, located off the beaten path in Weston and while owner and operator, Stephen Mann, is no stranger to the relaxed pace rural West Virginia has to offer, the need for connectivity is evident for multiple reasons.

Stephen splits his time between Weston and Arlington, Virginia to balance out his IT career and his dream of having his very own distillery. No strangers to technology, Stephen and his wife both hold tech positions – Stephen works as a systems architect for the Department of Homeland Security and his wife for Amazon. While most of their time in West Virginia is spent only on weekends, their hope is for that to increase. In establishing MannCave, their biggest issue was lack of internet services able to reach them, especially at the power they needed.

That’s where Micrologic came in, bringing in a tower and engineering a 100% solar powered facility, the largest they’ve ever completed. They also were able to set Stephen up with multiple routable IP addresses which will allow him and his wife to accomplish work at the same level that they’re able to in Virginia.

Stephen is also very hopeful about what this infrastructure will do for his distilling business. “This will help with contacting vendors, customers, and establishing my online presence which is going to be very important in getting this off the ground,” Mann says.

The site of the distillery is actually where the home Stephen grew up in once sat, making the location a special. MannCave Distilling produces vodka, moonshine, whiskey, and gin all onsite in Weston. Vodka and moonshine currently available for order in state liquor stores. Be on the lookout for this exciting new addition to West Virginia liquors!

For more information on how to ramp up your internet for your remote small business, contact Micrologic today!