Spotlight: Corhart Refractories

For over 20 years Micrologic has worked with Corhart Refractories, located in Buckhannon, W.Va.  With 12 plants spread across the world Corhart combines the power of a global industrial group with large available resources close in proximity to its markets and its streamlined expertise of local teams. Partnering with Micrologic on their door access system projects has had a major impact on the security and success of Corhart’s business.

All door access systems at Corhart are networked together with the ability to manage doors from one location, from one computer. A major benefit of this system is its capability to continue expanding as needed. For example, as Cohart grows in size with additional doors requiring security, the entire system won’t need replaced. It is a simple add-on to the existing system.

Todd Moats, Security Technician at Micrologic explains more about this project and partnership along with additional Micrologic security services for businesses seeking security solutions.

Q: Why did Corhart need a door access system?

Todd: Corhart requires topnotch security as they don’t want anyone copying their products or processes. Corhart is a locked down building meaning the only way in is through card access. Certain places you can’t get into even if you’re an employee. A door access system makes sense and allows Corhart to maintain its strict privacy policy.

Q: Why Micrologic?

Todd: Micrologic has the experience and we’ve had a working business relationship for nearly twenty years. It’s also hard for Corhart to go out of state and get work that they can trust. Recently, Micrologic has travelled to Maryland to work on a networking project with Corhart.

Q: Does Micrologic provide other services to Corhart?

Todd: Yes – we’ve coordinated with Corhart on their gate access project and service all their gate operators by utilizing the internet and linking them. Another project was a paging system to allow for communication throughout the entire plant. We’ve also installed their telephone and fire alarm systems and maintain those.

Q: Does Micrologic install door access systems for other customers?

Todd: Yes, we’ve completed projects for the Upshur County Courthouse, Centra and MRC Global in Buckhannon, just to name a few.

Micrologic has the expertise and services available to help your business reach its security goals. With customizable options to meet the needs of your unique business, rest easy knowing that you have taken the necessary measures to protect your business, property and staff. Visit our business security page to learn more about Micrologic’s services and schedule a free consultation.