Micrologic Helps A Law Firm Accomplish More

For years, Micrologic has worked with hundreds of businesses and companies to supply the best high-speed internet and state of the art technology services. For the past 15 to 20 years, Micrologic has provided Steptoe & Johnson a slew of services to its 10 to 15 sites in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. We sat down with Joe Karp with Micrologic to discuss how Micrologic has helped Steptoe & Johnson stay connected, secure and accessible.

What has Micrologic done for Steptoe & Johnson?
Joe: We’ve provided network cabling and connected all of their network rooms with fiber connection
back-haul to the cables from their internet suppliers; whether that’s Lumos of Frontier, we run everything to their network rooms.

How is this update beneficial to the law firm?
Joe: It allows not only the lawyers, but the staff to be better connected. They have their own computer and
printer drops, so it’s all set up to where they can do everything right there from their own rooms.

Is there a plan if the internet goes down at one of the locations?
Joe: We do supply a high-speed backup link to the Charles Point office – they have Lumos or Frontier and
you can install a pep link and add each supplier. They’re a backup internet source, so it’s never down and can always run efficiently.

How else has Micrologic helped the law firm stay connected?
Joe: We installed a paging intercom system throughout three or four floors in the whole building. If they need a lawyer or staff person down the hall or in the lunchroom, they would just relay the message through the intercom. The message goes through the phones and through speakers which are installed in the hallways of the whole building.

Does Micrologic provide Steptoe & Johnson WIFI?
Joe: We connect WIFI for them, business on one and guest on another. 30 MGs go to the company and 10 MGs go to the visitors. We provide managed WIFI solutions and share multiple IDs with multiple offices, so as you travel it’s seamless and automatically connects.

Aside from internet connection, what else has Micrologic provided the law firm?
Joe: We’ve installed security technology in about four or five of their buildings, including cameras and panic buttons. If somebody comes in hostile then the secretary can hit the panic button and it instantly calls the police. They can tap into their cameras remotely. We’ve also installed door access with card and pin for internal and external doors.