Micrologic Ensures Safety for Lewis and Upshur County Schools

Late last year, the Department of Justice announced that more than $70 million would be utilized to enhance school safety and security through the 2018 COPS STOP School Violence: School Violence Prevention Program. Lewis and Upshur Counties were two out of nine school systems in the nation to receive funds through this grant to support school safety.

Micrologic has had the honor of installing the security cameras in each school in both counties.

Micrologic conducts training with Upshur County School Board for new security system.

Joe Karp, Sales Engineers and security expert, at Micrologic, sat down to discuss the federal grant and how Micrologic is working toward making the schools safer for students, teachers, and staff.


Why did Upshur and Lewis Counties apply jointly for the grant?

Joe: The counties collaborated to jointly apply because they felt as though they would have a better chance of receiving the grant versus applying individually.

What is the main goal by receiving the grant?

Joe: Ultimately, the school systems want to increase student safety. Some of the schools never had cameras and some of the schools had old cameras and were outdated.

How will Micrologic attribute to that goal?

Joe: We’ll be installing over 500 security cameras. Approximately twenty cameras will be placed in the smaller schools and sixty to seventy in the larger schools. The cameras will be installed throughout every hallway, entryway and in some playgrounds.

How else will the camera installations serve the school systems?

Joe: The camera systems will allow dispatchers and law enforcement the ability to communicate with one another which will make it easier to track down an active shooter or intruder. Currently, school officials and PRO officers are devising so 911 dispatchers have direct access to the cameras.

Will the administration of each school have access to the cameras?

Joe: A large 50’’ monitor will be placed in every principal’s office where she/he can select which cameras to view. So, not only will 911 dispatchers have access to the cameras, but also the principals, the school systems’ IT director and a permitted admin.

How many schools have installed cameras?

Joe: We’ve installed cameras in the six schools out of 15 and anticipate completing the project by August 2020.


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