Investing In Our Future: Solar Power

16179083_1310048265722965_6552755022134955709_oIn today’s world, many businesses – both big and small – have looked to emerging technologies to solve the big issue regarding the future: Renewable Energy. Whether in the field or at its core, Micrologic has sought to fervently improve not only its service to the area it serves, but also to progress in its mission to evolve and grow.

Recently, Micrologic has sought to experiment with the usage of solar power to not only greater conserve energy, but to also better monitor its signal transmitter sites. While the technology has still yet to become feasible on a large scale, the potential for the technology could greatly impact Micrologic’s ability to better serve isolated communities – far from the reaches of their current towers and grids.

Surprisingly enough, the initial testing has begun to shed some serious light in the direction of possibility. This comes as a shock considering that the winter weather was initially expected to cause power issues due to shorter days but has proven not to jeopardize the technology’s ability whatsoever. Even more surprising, the test sites managed to remain supported along with the added monitoring unit with enough surplus being produced to charge the backup on-site batteries… Wow!

Of course, with Summer rapidly approaching, increased sunlight exposure is expected to yield better test results. These findings have been met with much excitement as the idea of utilizing solar power becomes ever more enticing to consider for future endeavors.

With further monitoring, the engineers behind Micrologic’s solar power testing hope to be able to expand the reach of their services to areas where the internet is limited. With results garnering an improvement of 50% energy savings at some sites implemented with solar power offsets, the technology could prove its versatility in the near future. Stay tuned… more updates to come!