Celebrating a Decade: Employee Interview with TC Howell


Not only does Micrologic value its customers and the communities it serves every day, but we know none of the company’s success would be possible without our dedicated team. Without a group of hardworking individuals, our company and our customers would suffer.

From our technicians to those speaking with customers throughout the day, we appreciate you.

We sat down with longtime Micrologic employee, TC Howell to see how he has enjoyed working with the Micrologic team.

TC Howell Micrologic Employee Spotlight

How long have you been with Micrologic?

I’ve been here for ten years. I started out as a regular technician then moved to a tower technician and then moved to field supervisor.

What are the field supervisor’s duties?

Day to day, we deal with the construction of new towers, maintenance on old towers, and making sure contract jobs are getting done. We also work directly with our sales guy, Joe, to make sure we’re on schedule or ahead of schedule.

What do you enjoy most about Micrologic?

We’re a tight-knit group and there’s definitely a family atmosphere. Asking for time off is no problem and the benefits are quite good.

Any advice on technology difficulties?

If your device isn’t working after the power has flickered or you’ve had a bad storm, go ahead and unplug the power supply that feeds the radio or unplug the router from the wall that would reboot equipment. Leave it unplugged for about three minutes. That may help, but if it doesn’t, give us a call and we can send a tech out to assist.

What are some cool projects you’re currently working on?

TC Howell Micrologic Employee Spotlight

We’re finishing 26 tower locations and just started one in Parsons. The one in Parsons is going to help the 911 center by providing them with high-speed broadband internet.

What’s a past project you fondly look back on?

One of the most beneficial to the community is the Audra State Park link we installed. It now allows campers

to have some form of internet. It took some pretty good placement on poles to get it to where it needed to be because it’s a tight squeeze in that area.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like golfing in Barbour County and fishing for smallmouth with my kids. I also enjoy collecting old electrical devices mostly because of my line of work and I have respect for the old stuff.