Cabling Solution Gives Auto Dealer Peace of Mind


Located in Upshur County, West Virginia, Buckhannon Toyota is an award winning auto dealer who has served North Central West Virginia for more than 25 years. Over those 25 years the facility has seen growth due to its outstanding customer service and commitment to above-and-beyond customer satisfaction. With growth comes heightened technology and security. As with most businesses, Buckhannon Toyota has swapped, replaced, added and dropped many vendor services and applications throughout its lifetime. Some examples of these vendor services are security, satellite radio and wireless internet.

The Challenge

Micrologic was approached by Jason Minsker, Buckhannon Toyota General Manager, in the hopes that it could secure and clean up their facility’s cabling and network infrastructure. “Quite frankly it gave me anxiety just walking into the data control room at the dealership. I was afraid something was going to fall over or catch on fire with the cabling issues we had in that room,” said Minsker.

“They had a lot of equipment in different places. The dealership had experienced some growing pains as most businesses do where different vendors were installing various cables,” mentioned Ike Talbott, Network Administrator for Micrologic. “As new vendors came in to add their service, the old applications weren’t being taken out. This resulted in a mess of cables and it just took our team coming in to identify the core network and cleaning up the rest,” continued Talbott.

The Solution

In an effort to avoid disrupting business at Buckhannon Toyota, the Micrologic team got started on a Saturday evening after closing time. Working through the evening and the following Sunday, Micrologic was able to assess and remedy the issues at the Buckhannon facility.

“Not only did we clean up and sort through their data network, but we were also able to make them more secure by installing a lockable data cabinet. Before, their system was vulnerable since the cables were not neatly organized in a cabinet with lock, allowing anyone the ability to tamper with their network,” added Talbott.

The Benefit

Before 2

As an auto dealer, Buckhannon Toyota relies 100% on their network and internet capabilities. “If our network goes down we can’t do business,”

mentioned Minsker. The peace of mind that Micrologic has provided to the facility relates directly to that fact. “If we need to bring in a new server, it’s no longer a headache about where it will go and how it will connect. We just bring it in and set it up. With the added benefit of being able to lockup and secure our network, we are also achieving one of our greater goals, which is to become more secure,” continued Minsker.

“Buckhannon Toyota has been really good to Micrologic and they always strive to support local business rather than outsourcing to a larger company out-of-state. This project was really a win-win for everybody,” added Talbott.