5 Reasons to Own a Personal Emergency Response System

Don’t assume that a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is only for aging seniors. Sure, older adults can benefit in numerous ways from owning a PERS, but people of any age may be surprised of all the benefits these next generation devices can provide.

A PERS is an alert, similar to your home security system, but for people. Regardless of your age or health, these devices really can be lifesaving. In the event of an injury, disaster, burglary, or other emergency, the button on the device is pressed and the Response Center Dispatch is alerted to send help immediately. That help may come in the form of a family member, friend, neighbor or emergency personnel – depending on the emergency situation. This makes owning a PERS better than just simply dialing 9-1-1, because a phone is not always readily available in the event of an emergency and a first responder is not always the most appropriate form of help.

Here are the top 5 examples of people who should own a PERS:

  1. Those that live alone – or left alone for long periods of time are at risk for being stranded during an emergency with no help or assistance.
  2. Parents with kids – devices like the Numera Libris are built with GPS location services, which can alleviate a parent’s stress when a child goes missing. Additionally, the ease of pushing a button makes it simple for a child call for help in the event of an emergency.
  3. Empty Nesters – when your children grow up and leave home, your lifestyle tends to change and oftentimes that means you’re home alone or with only a spouse. Having a device such as the Numera Libris means you always have someone to count on when an emergency occurs.
  4. Those with Medical Conditions – If you are at risk for medical problems or have a history of medical conditions then knowing help is just a push away can be very liberating.
  5. Seniors – the benefits for aging adults are very apparent, as one bad fall or heart attack can be life threatening – why not have help at the push of a button?

Regardless of age, every person can benefit from emergency care at the push of a button. With a PERS, the ability to contact help in the event of a crisis can be simple and effective. Whether it’s for yourself, or a loved one, count on Micrologic to assist you in finding the right device and peace of mind.

Numera Libris Features:

Connection – Instant two-way communication with Response Center Dispatch.
Smart Fall Detection – Automatic fall detection notifies the Response Center in the event of a fall.
Quantify Activity – Monitor and quantify activity, including steps and movement.
Care Virtually Anywhere – GPS and network location services provide approximate location within cellular network range.