4 Reasons to Be Excited for Micrologic’s Upcoming AT&T TV Offer

Get ready to cut the cord and toss those expensive cable/satellite bills in the garbage. In the coming months, Micrologic will offer a compact streaming device that allows viewers to watch multiple streaming services at a reasonable price. All you need is Micrologic internet!

Check out four reasons you should be excited for Micrologic’s upcoming launch of AT&T TV:

  1. With the AT&T TV Streaming TV Box viewers can enjoy both live TV programs, thousands of on-demand titles and content from their favorite streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu, and others all from one device.
  2. Unlike a normal cable or satellite TV set-top box, this one-stop-shop TV box connects via your Micrologic 3Wlogic Highspeed Internet and comes with an on-screen menu, Chromecast, voice remote, DVR and a restart show feature.
  3. Besides awesome content for viewers to enjoy, the AT&T TV Box will cut the costs of cable/satellite installations. That’s right, all of this is through your Micrologic internet service – no need to pay for the costs and inconvenience of a technician to install and find space on your property for the satellite.
  4. And since you don’t need a technician to set up the device, installation is easy. The device is sent with step by step instructions. Within 20 or so minutes, you’ll be cruising the tube for your favorite show.

The AT&T TV Box is for anyone who enjoys entertainment but can’t justify the costs and hidden fees that come attached to cable/satellite packages. With this new technology, folks can easily set-up the device and have all forms of viewable entertainment on one remote.

If you’re already a Micrologic customer, get excited to add this awesome product to your entertainment arsenal – if you’re still paying big box prices, now’s the time to cut the cord and make the switch to Micrologic!

Stay tuned to find out when Micrologic will launch AT&T TV and how you can get your hands on the new way to view entertainment.