4 Reasons to Choose Fiber Internet From a Local Provider

Woman using fiber internet

Has your home Internet been cutting in and out or lagging in speed this year? Are you feeling frustrated with price hikes and inconsistent service?

If you want faster and more reliable connectivity, then it’s time to explore fiber Internet options with Micrologic. 

Discover three benefits of fiber internet and the advantages of teaming up with a local Internet service provider for your home or business internet needs…

What is Fiber Internet and How Does it Work?

Fiber optic internet is a data connection carried by a thin glass filament fiber. Data travels through them as beams of light pulse in a pattern. It is typically 20x faster than regular cable at 1 Gbps, and there’s no copper wire to slow it down. You see, as cable internet sends the signals down metal wires, the metal heats up, weakening the signal and sometimes picking up interferences. This is why cable and DSL are so much slower than fiber optics. 

With fiber optic, the “wire” is as thick as one strand of human hair and a special sheath called a cladding keeps the beam of light inside the filament. It bounces off the walls for as far as 60 miles and travels to the other end where the modem decodes the light into a form all of your connected devices can use. 

Here are three reasons to choose fiber internet with Micrologic for your home or business…

  • Reliable Performance

Throughout West Virginia, fiber Internet stands out for its unmatched performance. With fiber you’ll know that your upload and download speeds will remain stable for work, play, entertainment, and everything in between. With Micrologic’s fiber internet you’ll have stable, high-speed internet:

  • Any time of day
  • Regardless of peak usage times
  • Serviced by a trusted, local provider

Reliability ensures you can stream shows and movies on Netflix, play a VR game, listen to your favorite Spotify playlist, and get your news from Alexa…all at the same time. 

At Micrologic, opting for fiber elevates your online experience. It offers peace of mind through a local, responsive customer service that swiftly addresses any connectivity issues as well. We know the market and we are here to serve and service customers throughout West Virginia.

  • High-speed Connection

We know what it’s like to be frustrated with slow buffering online. We’ve witnessed annoying work-from-home stories about frozen screens on video calls. And unfortunately, we know customers who have been frustrated by ongoing internet outages when they need it the most. Frustrating? Yes. Connecting with fiber Internet means you can expect consistently high speeds without delay. 

Ensure your old router is not slowing you and all your Internet activities down.

  • Versatility

Just like everyone at Micrologic, we know you use your Internet connection for many things, from remote work and entertainment to smart appliances, home security, and more. That’s why choosing fiber Internet with symmetrical speeds matters. Your uploads are just as crucial as your downloads and you deserve peace of mind knowing everything will work at the speed you need! 

  • Plans and Bundles at Competitive Prices

The nationwide providers are always looking for a way to lock you in and increase your monthly price later. They’ll promise big deals and surprise you with hidden costs a few months later. And since they cater to everyone, they rarely offer a plan that works specifically for you or your business. 

As a local Internet service provider and one from your very own community, we can customize plans and bundles to what you need for your home or business. We can even create a personalized plan that fits your needs, at a price that stays within your budget. Our billing options are flexible and our prices are locked in for 5 years. Yes, that’s 5 years without having to hassle about a price hike or deal with hidden charges showing up on your credit card.