3 Reasons Your Aging Parents Need A Security System

There’s nothing more important than our loved ones, which is why it’s crucial to take care of them no matter the circumstance. Here at Micrologic, we strive to keep your loved ones safe by offering the Honeywell Total Connect Home Security System. Features of this system include 24/7 monitoring, fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, video monitoring and so much more from your smartphone. While all these features are amazing incentives for your own home, the Total Connect has become extremely popular amongst senior citizens and those who care for them.

Joe Karp, Sales Engineer here at Micrologic, discusses how the Total Connect Home Security System is a perfect fit for the senior citizen in your life who wants to live independently. The accessibility of this product is why it is so perfect for senior citizens and those who want to watch over their aging parents. “Total Connect gives you total control of your home,” says Karp, “it gives you the ability to go in with your cell phone and arm your home or check videos.”

1. Easily Monitor Their Home – With access, this system gives you the ability to lock the doors of your loved one’s home from anywhere with your smartphone. You can adjust their thermostat, turn off their lights and just make sure they are safe.
2. Do More Than Just Protect from Burglars – Total Connect also looks out for the health of your loved one with emergency features. “You can receive an alert pendant that will work with the system if they fall or something happens. They just push the button and it alerts you and the 24/7 emergency response team. The emergency response team comes in on the pendant and talks to them.” The monthly payment of $34.95 includes this emergency dispatch service.
3. Integrate Additional Safety Options – Additional options include securing windows, getting notifications if a bathtub or toilet overflows or if extreme temperatures have been sensed.

“I believe this system is easy to use, because of the accessibility,” Karp says. If you or someone you love is living alone and you want peace of mind about safety, we recommend the Honeywell Total Connect.
For more information on this product or to schedule installation, contact us at 866.3WLOGIC or email our solutions team at sales@3wlogic.com.