Community Connect Broadband Grant FAQ

We’ve Got Your Answers.

Where will the towers be located? Who is included in the coverage area? When will my tower be turned on? Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below.


    1. What areas of West Virginia are included in this grant? Parts of Barbour, Randolph and Upshur Counties.
    2. What is the goal of this grant? To deploy fixed wireless broadband to over 3,500 households and businesses, providing broadband access to nearly 9,000 West Virginia residents and employers.
    3. As of November 2018, where is this project currently at? In the process of constructing the first of eight of 26 towers.
    4. How many transmitter sites will be constructed as part of this project? 26 total towers located within Barbour, Randolph and Upshur Counties will be constructed.
    5. If you are located within the proposed funded service area, what will you receive? Residents and businesses located within the network area of this grant will receive three months of free internet service, a minimum speed of 10×1 and free installation.

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